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Digital Cameras:

It's never been easier to take pictures and produce quality photographs than it is today, thanks to the introduction of the digital camera.  Being able to delete bad pics and save the best ones by reviewing them on the spot is not only a great way to selectively choose the pictures you really like, but it also saves a ton of waste.  Some cameras can even hookup with miniature printers that you can use to produce quality prints on the go, ones that are pretty much identical to what you'd get from a local development shop.  To get more information on these wonderful inventions, visit some of the websites below: 

Steve’s Digital Camera Page  
Offers camera and accessory reviews, a dictionary, links to manufacturers and software dealers, as well as a discussion forum.

PC World's Digital Cameras Review  
Check out the most popular digital cameras, pricing, features, and where to buy.

Digital Photography and Imaging International
Read equipment reviews, browse the galleries, and follow links to their recommended sites.

Digital Photography Center
Get CNET’s news and reviews on digital cameras and Web cams. Find auctions and bargains, read editors' picks and use the buying advisor.

Digital Camera Buyers Guide
A free consumer service, offering camera reviews, price comparisons, FAQs, and classified ads.

ZDNet Digital Photography & Video
Click here for info on today's most popular products, buying advice, and price bargains (updated twice daily!).

Imaging Resource
The place to go when you want to check out camera reviews.

Features camera reviews, articles about processing and printing digital photographs, and the latest technologies.

Nikon Digital
Digital photography requires a new set of information and tools—this site provides some of the best new resources for your digital photography; and, in particular, provides resources for those interested in Nikon's line of digital photographic equipment—specializing in reviews of Nikon digital gear and accessories for use with Nikon cameras.  This is a free, not-for-profit site designed to provide information for digital photographers.

In-depth information . . . simple steps to shooting digital, articles and information, digital photography news, and selecting a camera that’s right for you.

Your Online Digital Photography Resource