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Photography Schools and Colleges:

Study film, design, art, digital photography and more. The schools listed below offer training, certification, and college degrees in the photo arts.  Learn about subject matter, photo composition, darkroom techniques and numerous other subjects.  Develop your skills and professional portfolio for a career in commercial, portrait, and artistic photography or photojournalism.  Visit the schools below for more information:

American InterContinental University
AIU Online now offering online degree programs, learn how to get the degree you want on your own time. Campus classes also available.

Brooks Institute
Find out about photography, film, and visual communication programs at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA.

Academy of Digital Animation at Cerro Coso College
This award-winning intensive program is designed and delivered by experienced industry professionals to train digital story-tellers to enter the many emerging employment arenas in digital animation

School of Communication Arts, NC
Understand how technology goes to work today to build exciting film, video, print and interactive gaming solutions.  Learn about certificate and diploma programs in digital media, digital art, digital animation, and network systems from this Raleigh school.


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